Where's Ollie

Where’s Ollie

The Idea

Where’s Ollie?! That is the question. While documenting our travels around Asia on our Instagram page (@Backpackingcraic) we came up with an idea for a feature called “Where’s Ollie”. The idea was that we would take a picture of Ollie in a crowded area and ask people to try to find him amongst the chaos. Sound similar to a game we are all familiar with?

The feature was extremely popular, with guesses (and frustrations) growing each time that we posted one of the images. One day it was suggested to us that the game was such a hit that we should “start charging money for guesses”… and so the idea was born – use the game to raise money for charity.

How To Play

The concept is simple. Head over to our Instagram page and look for the “Wheres Ollie” highlight feature. Try to find Ollie in the crowd. Screenshot the picture on your phone or tablet and send us your guess for where you think he is located. It is all a bit of fun.

If you can’t find him (or even if you can) then make a donation of any amount (no matter how big or small) to the Irish Cancer Society.

Why The Irish Cancer Society?

The Irish Cancer Society is a charity that is very close to our heart. Ollie lost his mother to cancer at a very young age and Shonagh lost two grandparents to the disease. Cancer is something that will have an impact on every one of our lives and any donation or contribution to supporting this worthy cause will take us a step closer to reducing its impact in the future.

How Can I Donate?

You can make a donation to the “Where’s Ollie” fundraiser through our Just Giving page. Simply click the link below and enter the amount that you wish to donate.

Thanks for supporting the “Where’s Ollie” Fundraiser!