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Best Places To Watch The Sunset Near Vancouver

A list of some of our favourite places to watch the sunset near Vancouver

Located on the west coast of Canada, Vancouver is possibly one of the best places in the world to watch the sun set. The summer months lend themselves to clear blue skies and provide the best compliment to the setting golden sun. The mountains located on the North shore of the city produce an abundance of clouds from Autumn to Spring, adding another layer. These clouds become illuminated with the colours from the sun, making it a totally magical experience.

We have been lucky enough to witness hundreds of these sunsets so we have listed our favourite spots and what we think are the best places to watch the sunset near Vancouver below.

Spanish Banks Beach

Orange sunset on the beach
Spanish Banks Beach

Located near Kitsilano, and a 20 minute drive from Downtown Vancouver, Spanish Banks beach is the perfect place to watch the sunset all year round. Offering views of the city, the north shore and some of the distant islands, this location has it all. Who doesn’t love the feel of sand underneath their feet as they watch the last rays of sunlight disappear? If you don’t drive you can take the number 4 bus to Tolmie St or hop on your bike and take in the beautiful coastal views.

SW Marine Drive Viewpoint (UBC)

Ocean reflecting a sunset
SW Marine Drive Viewpoint

We actually discovered this place completely by accident driving along SW Marine Drive one evening and saw a bunch of cars pulled in. Curiosity got the better of us. We turned back to check it out – so, thank you curiosity for this gem! The sun illuminates the sky and the Pacific Ocean like you have never seen. The airport is to the left and you will have the added bonus of seeing planes come in to land. It is a 25 minute drive from Downtown Vancouver or 45 minutes on the sky train and bus (Canada line to Langara 49th and then the 49 bus to Wesbrook Mall).

Steveston Harbour

A golden sun flare at sunset in a harbour full of boats
Steveston Harbour

Steveston Harbour is filled with boats and trawlers and really is a spectacular sunset spot. Watching those golden rays spear through the boats that encompass the harbour is something else. Make sure to pick up some fish and chips from Pajo’s on the pier for the complete experience. It is a 35 minute drive from Downtown Vancouver or 50 minutes by public transport (Canada Line to Richmond-Brighouse then the 401, 402, 406 or 407 to Steveston Exchange).

Brunswick Point Trail

Sun goes down in the background and theres a man with a camera silhouetted
Brunswick Point Trail

Brunswick point trail is located in Delta and is a 40 minute drive from Downtown Vancouver. There are a number of spots along the trail to park and you will not be disappointed with views of the Pacific Ocean. We were spoiled for wildlife when we have been there. At the start of the trail you’ll be graced with views of both the Pacific Ocean and the Fraser River. This trail also gives spectacular, uninterrupted views of the North Shore.

Lighthouse Park

Cargo ship in the ocean with city in the background
Lighthouse Park

The other spots on this list are special in their own right – but lighthouse park offers you that extra bonus. You guessed it – a lighthouse! The sunsets here looking back at the city and UBC are worth it on their own, but the lighthouse gives it that extra oomph. There are tons of trails here to choose from and to the west of the park you will be able to see some of the islands. They are so close you could almost touch them. The park is a 35 minute drive from Downtown Vancouver. Parking is free but super limited so make sure to get there early. You can also take the 250 bus from Downtown to Marine Drive @ Beacon Lane.

So that’s the craic with the best places to watch the sunset near Vancouver. Let us know your favourites in the comments below 🙂

Don’t forget to check out our favourite sunsets near Vancouver video on our TikTok page.

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