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Lantern Making Class In Hoi An

Everything you need to know about doing a lantern making class in Hoi An

If you’re looking to do something a little bit different on your trip to Vietnam, then a lantern making class in Hoi An is something you need to know about. Hoi An’s old quarter is full of lanterns. All colours, shapes and sizes. It is one of the most beautiful sights we have seen on our travels through Vietnam. So why not bring a skill home?

Where To Do The Class

We did our lantern making class with “The Lantern Lady” in Hoi An. There are various classes to choose from around the town, but after researching, we decided that “The Lantern Lady” offered the best value for money. Online reviews were also very positive for the class. We found her contact details on Google and contacted her through Facebook messenger. She also has a WhatsApp number for your convenience.

How Much Does The Class Cost

There are four options you can choose from.

  • Option 1: Attach fabric of choice to a pre-made bamboo frame. It costs 95,000 Dong and takes approximately 1 hour
  • Option 2: Make a bamboo lantern frame and attach fabric of choice. It costs 140,000 and takes approximately 1.5 hours
  • Option 3: Make a metal lantern and attach fabric of your choice. It costs 180,000 and takes approximately 1.5 hours
  • Option 4: A combination of option 1 and option 3. It costs 230,000 Dong and takes approximately 2.5 hours

We chose option 2 as we wanted to make one from scratch and, because the bamboo frame is foldable, unlike the metal one, it made it easier to pack away afterwards (you get to keep the lantern that you make). The class was a really great experience from start to finish and the Lantern Lady and her family were very nice and extremely helpful. We would definitely recommend looking her up if you’re in Hoi An and looking to do something local.

How To Get There

The Lantern Lady is located off the main streets down by the river in the Old Quarter in Hoi An. Directions can be found on The Lantern Lady Facebook page.

So that’s the craic with lanterns in Hoi An!

Have you done a local craft on your travels? Let us know in the comments below 🙂

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