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Can I Stay In Jakarta Airport Overnight?

Wondering if you can stay overnight in Jakarta Airport? This is what happened when we tried.

Our Experience

While travelling from Bali to Japan (with a 20 hour stopover in Jakarta) we had a choice to make. We could either book a hotel room for the night or we could try to save some money by staying in Jakarta airport overnight. On a backpackers budget, we really wanted to avoid the price of a hotel room if at all possible.

A quick look online to see if it was possible to spend the night in Jakarta airport didn’t shed much light on the matter. We decided to take our chances.

After arriving in Jakarta we tried to relax in the arrivals hall…which lasted for about 10 minutes before security politely asked us to leave the area! Rattled but not defeated we moved on.

The departures area was our next stop. Unfortunately we had bags that needed to be be checked in. This created a problem. The check in desk for our flight only opened 3 hours before departure (which was in 17 hours) and if we went through immigration then we couldn’t come back out.

The Solution

Domestic departures. No immigration. Perfect.

We headed for domestic departures which had a security guard. We thought the game was up.

“Can we go into the domestic departures lounge for some food?”

He asked if we had a flight reservation, and, after confirming that it departed in less than 24 hours, he allowed us in.

The domestic departures area has all you need for the night. At the very end of the terminal there are free charge points, free wifi and a 24 hour Indomart and Starbucks to keep you fed!

We stayed there overnight until our check in opened the following morning. We were basically alone in the area for the night and most shops closed at around 10pm (with the exception of those mentioned above).

So can you stay in Jakarta airport overnight?

Absolutely yes! The airport opens 24 hours a day.

Pro tip: The aircon comes on at night so bring some warm clothes or a blanket!

So that is the craic with staying overnight in Jakarta airport.

If you have any questions then please let us know in the comments section below.

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