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Abandoned Water Park In Hue, Vietnam

Love exploring abandoned places? Or just want to see something different? Check out our complete guide on the Abandoned Water Park in Hue, Vietnam

Are you travelling through Vietnam looking for something a bit out there? A little bit mad maybe? Then why not take a trip out to the abandoned water park in Hue? Sure, everybody’s been to a water park before. But how many people do you know who have been to an abandoned one? Don’t get us wrong, this is not a glamorous attraction by any means but it is definitely something that’s different.

How Much Does It Cost?

Officially the abandoned water park is closed, but for the small fee of 20,000 VND (€0.80) per person the guards can be persuaded to let you in. You won’t need to look hard to find them as they will be ushering you to the side as soon as they spot you coming.

How To Get To The Abandoned Water Park

The water park is located approximately 8KM outside of Hue’s centre, giving you three options. Option one is the hassle free way – take a Grab! This will cost you around 100,000 VND (€4) each way, so 200,000 VND (€8) in total. The journey should take around 30 minutes.

Option two is the breezy way – renting a scooter. A scooter will cost approximately 150,000 VND (€6) for the day and you can rent them at most hostels. There are also plenty of people offering them on the street so you won’t be stuck for choice. It will also take you around 30 minutes to reach the water park on a scooter.

Option three is for the real hardcore penny pinchers – walking! This option is free but it is the longest option. It will take you approximately 2 hours to walk to the abandoned water park from the centre. The first 4KM is through the built up city. The next 1KM is more in the countryside but you will still find shops and restaurants here. The last 3KM is in the countryside with no shops and restaurants, so make sure you have enough water with you here.

What Is There To See There?

Like with any water park you can expect to find a pool area with a kids pool and a lazy river, water slides and water sprinklers. The park also has a simulator and performance area with tiered seating. The main attraction and the best spot for pictures however, is the dragons head. You can take pictures on the bridge with the head in the background or you can take pictures from inside the head itself.

Some locals have set up stalls near the dragons head, selling water, beers, soft drinks and ice-creams. They even have tables and chairs set out in the shade allowing you to cool-off after your adventure.

What To Bring With You

The water park grounds are quite big and will require a bit of walking between each attraction, so water, sun cream and a sunhat are essential. We would also recommend bringing snacks and some form of electrolytes (Dioralyte or Gatorade), especially if you walk out to the water park.

If you have a camera and a tripod bring those along too as you can get some really cool shots.

So that’s the craic with the abandoned water park.

What’s your favourite abandoned site? Let us know in the comments below 🙂

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